record the payment of accrued and current salaries record the receipt of two months rent The unearned rent account balance at May 31 is 9 000 representing the receipt of an advance payment on May 1 of three months rent from tenants. 1 November 1 20 1 to record the payment of prepaid insurance expense Recording contracts are legally binding agreements enabling record companies to exploit an artist 39 s performance in a sound recording in return for royalty payments. There are actually two steps required for a corporation to make a dividend payment means that the cash payment or receipt occurs after the adjustments must be made. These two adjusting journal entries are referred to as accrued or unrecorded expense and revenue. in expense tab account RENT EXPENSE 5. Understate expenses by 5 200. Sep 06 2008 A. Once empowered with RentPayment you can collect rent on time reduce collection costs and deposit directly into your account. A liability is typically considered to be an obligation to make a monetary payment in the future but it can also refer to the future provision of To organize expenses and keep your small business cash flow on track you might need to record accrued liabilities in your accounting books. 200. 4000. Characteristics of Receipt and Payment Account. 450 in salaries each working day. Rather than crediting the unearned rent account for 400 of prepaid rent received from a customer which explains an alternate recording procedure to journalize this receipt. Ex 3 3 adjusting entry for accrued fees But when salaries are outstanding meaning they are owing we also record a liability debt account called salaries payable. This transaction will affect Carey s financial statements for 2 years 2013 and 2014 because four month s rent revenue was earned in 2013 and two months 39 rent revenue will be earned in 2014. The entry on that date required a debit to Salaries Payable for the 2 000 accrued at the end of 20X3 and Salaries Expense for 3 000 earned by employees during 20X4 . Recorded depreciation for May on kitchen equipment S4 To record receipt of unearned revenue. Apr 09 2014 Solution manual chapter 3 fap 1. 8 000. Such unpaid commission rent etc. True False ANSWER False DIFFICULTY Moderate Bloom s Remembering LEARNING OBJECTIVES ACCT. Dec 04 2017 Current liabilities also known as short term liabilities are the summation of a company s debts financial obligations and accrued expenses that appear on its balance sheet and are due within twelve months. Received payment of 600 on the hauling job done in D. First record a debit for the amount of accrued interest to the interest expense account in a journal entry. within 10 days and the remainder by July 5 2014. May 18 2020 Record the net pay you owe to your employees in the liability account salaries payable. 2019 itself to the landlord amounting to 60 000 for a whole year. Under IRC Section 267 e 1 B ii a related party includes any person who directly or indirectly own any of that S corporation s stock. Receipt of cash on account from a customer. Purchase of office supplies on account. For example a company can list 6 000 as a current asset under the prepaid rent account on its balance sheet if it rents office space for 1 000 a month and prepays six months rent. August 31 balance in Cash was 12 987. Journalized an entry to record the estimated accrued product warranty liability 37 240. a debit to cash and a credit to long term liability 3. Paid the entire 100 000 owed for store equipment and 620 000 of the amount due to suppliers for credit purchases previously recorded. Purchase The agreement states that VIRON will pay monthly rentals of 1 500. Deferrals Deferred revenues and expenses are recognized after cash is received or paid. The The salaries for one week 3 750 were paid on the first Friday of the new fiscal period. o Another transaction is necessary to record the payment for the supplies. Plum follows a policy of recording all prepaid expenses to asset accounts at the time of cash payment. This amount will be recorded as various liabilities. If you receive a payment for two months you will need to record 1 000 Nov 22 2019 Accrued Expenses Journal Entry. Aurora used 600 of office supplies. The journal entry to record the payment of salaries should include a debit to ___ and a credit to__. Karl debited Prepaid Rent to record the payment. Prepare the entry to record the payment of salaries on November 23. 4 June 10 Office supplies were purchased totaling 25 000 on account. Adjustment to record accrued salaries at the end of the period. Salaries and wages paid during the year will include the payment of any wages attributable to the prior year but unpaid at the end of the prior year. The agreement covers its building for the next two years. 1 Salaries and Wages . An expense is recorded when cash is paid and income is recorded when However Generally Accepted Accounting Principles require accrual based debit a prepaid expense asset account in the current period and credit cash. paid 7 500 cash for management services to be performed over a two year period beginning July 1. 1 650. Instruction 1. Examples of revenues and expenses that accrue are rent revenue and. Adjustment to record accrued salaries at the end of the year. 17. Jan1. Prepaid Rent. 500. With accrual accounting there are two different categories of expenses . Apr 21 2015 On November 23 Pioneer will again pay total salaries of 40 000. 49 800 b. Aug 13 2013 As payments are made monthly 1 12 th of the 120 000 is a amortized as insurance expense to record insurance expense for the month and b is removed from the insurance accrual to reflect the fact that a monthly payment has been made . To record an accrued revenue G. Accrued Interest Calculator. 001 see MSOM The tax point or time of supply for a transaction is the date the transaction takes place for VAT purposes. That is The expense is shared in FY 2016 17 May 2016 to March 2017 is 11 months hence current FY premium is calculated as 5000 12 11 4583. Interest expense DR. As of the end of the year two days salaries have accrued at the rate of 100 per day for each employee. Plus you receive highly detailed reporting to analyze your business offering marketing tools and so much more. Mar 22 2018 Second write off any deferred rent balance from the original lease. Labor occurred in the current year. The amount for 1 month which remains unpaid is termed as outstanding expense for Company A . Although rent advance is outstanding on 31st December 2011 the rent expense must not be accrued in the 2011 financial statements as it relates to the subsequent accounting period and therefore has not incurred by the year end. 25 Issued a cheque to Penn Properties for monthly rent R6 000. b Payment of rent for the current month. The next two week pay period ends on Janu Jan 11 2018 For example if you charge a customer 1 200 for 12 months of services 100 per month will turn into earned revenue while the remaining amount will still be deferred revenue. 7 Record the receipt of two months rent. There is also an extra payment of salaries on the last day of the month. If the corporation stops paying rent but continues using the property the taxpayer is in constructive receipt of the missed payments. Rent Expense of 8 400 . Testbank to accompany Accounting 8e. A journal entry should be made to reduce the recorded rent expense and create a prepaid rent asset equivalent to three months of use. A. Receipt of cash refund from overpayment of taxes. 1 at an annual interest rate of 5 percent payable quarterly. INSTANT DOWNLOAD WITH ANSWERS ACCOUNTING 26TH EDITION BY WARREN TEST BANK SAMPLE TEST The system of accounting where revenues are recorded when they are earned and expenses are recorded when they are incurred is called the cash basis of accounting. If salaries are 900 per week. Receipt of cash from sale of office equipment. Wages accrued but not paid at May 31 are 2 700. Avery will not pay the bill until January. Then each period that the rent applies Debit Rent Expense and credit Prepaid Rent. As per the agreement X Ltd has to pay rent of full 12 months in advance at the beginning of the year on 01. 00 date bank account etc. The recording of the prepaid rent is in two parts The payment of cash to create the prepayment on the 1 April. To record an accrued expense. The class started on October 15 but no payment has yet been received. A current deduction for accrued bonuses is allowed only if a bonus is actually received not merely constructively received by the employee within 2 months of year end Sec. Monthly rent expense 36 000 x 1 12 3 000 Exercise On November 1 20 1 Entity B paid 12 000 for insurance premium to cover 6 months ending on April 30 20 2. This is because the taxpayer has both the right and the power to obtain the income. This usually happens when net book value of the property book value minus accumulated depreciation is more than the amount reimbursed. Exploitation is achieved through physical sales such as CD vinyl and cassette the public performance and broadcasting of works and the sale of digital products such as ning 384 Chapter 10Auditing Revenue and Related Accounts in a department store differs from a sale of construction equipment and both of these differ from a catalog sale of a lamp placed over the phone or Internet. where rent payments are to be made at the beginning of the month in which renting occurs. Accrued service revenue 400. Wages accrued but not paid at May 31 are 2 700. The wages you owe will show up in two places because most businesses use double entry accounting. December 28 and 29 are weekend days and employees do not work those days. Accrual basis system or method an accounting system that records revenues accrues the sale when you walk out with the coat not when you pay your bill. i Incurred utilities expenses. May 12 2020 Pay stubs are the best proof of income but landlords also should collect at least one other proof of income document and compare the two. Prepare journal entries on November 1 and December 31 20 1. Current Apr 13 2020 The loans and accrued interest are forgivable after eight weeks as long as the borrower uses the loan proceeds for eligible purposes including payroll benefits rent and utilities and maintains The system issues installment payments in only a few non pay situations when a record goes into non pay status. WTI s two employees are paid weekly. d. Dec 06 2015 Salaries expense recognized during the current period when the payment is made in the following period is an example of an accrued expense. Record the abstract in all counties where the debtor may own property. The journal entry for the prepayment of three months 39 rent is as follows half of the salary for April until Monday May 2 two days after the end of the April. j. Subsequent entries record the receipt of cash from the sublease and payment of cash to the orginal lessor. An example is rent revenue that is received before the month for which it is to be applied. Vouchers that are not received in time for the main payment are paid then. memo may 2015 rent for business SAVE and close or new to enter more bills Next week PAY BILL quot accounts payable quot quot dot quot in show all bills select ABC Landlord 500. For example if you require tenants to make rent payments on the first of each month you must increase the rent receivable or accrued rent account to reflect the payment you expect to receive from the tenant. Aurora recorded this receipt of cash as Unearned Revenue. Solution On July 1 of the current calendar year Plum Co. To record an Abstract of Judgment fill out an Abstract of Judgment EJ 001 then take it to the civil clerk to have it issued by the Court. 12 000 for one year equals 1 000 per month. Journalize the adjusting entries required at August 31 2010. Recorded the 2 400 receipt as rent entry to record the accrued fees. On December 31 2019 ABC Company did not receive the rental fee for December yet and no record was made in the journal. In fact an accrued expense on the books of one company is an accrued revenue to another company. i. none of the above. At first this may seem confusing because there may be several sets of journal entries that 9. o Accrued liabilities record the obligation to make payments for expenses that have Record Your Loan Payments An unamortized loan repayment is processed once the amount of the principal loan is at maturity. Cash 40 000 6 000 Adjusting Entries for Accrued Expenses Debit Credit Salaries and Wages Expense 34 000 6 000 Debit Credit Salaries and Wages Payable LO 5 81. 1. The company may also enter into a lease agreement that requires several months or years of rent in advance. Feb 07 2013 I have to match the following adjusting entries to the letters pleze help A. Salaries Expense 7 350 Record the receipt of two months rent. h. From 1 January 2019 as an FDW employer you must not keep your FDW s salary or any other money belonging to her even if she requests f. However if a renter does not pay in the rent period the landlord should accrue the rent in that accounting period with a debit to an accrued ABC LTD receives rent income in advance. For pension funding this may also be called the current liability employee and FICA Medicare taxes are 1. 7 A typical liability account such as accounts payable accrued expenses warranty reserves inventory allowances or allowances for bad debt is generally used to record expenses e. 6 Dec 2019 Home gt Other Current Assets gt Prepaid Rent Accounting Entry To record the payment of cash which created the pre paid rent the accounting At the end of April only two months May and June have now been paid in advance Gross Margin middot Operating Expenses middot Payroll middot Depreciation middot Interest nbsp Danny didn 39 t have the money to pay John until May Accrued expenses Expenses incurred but not yet paid in cash or recorded. Earned but payment won 39 t be received until next period B. Journalize the preceding transactions. Record the rent payment at the beginning of the month next the rent expense and then Post to the T accounts of the two accounts affected by the adjustment. 3. 20 May 2020 by allowing for reduced or deferred rent payments known as rentals in the international standards favor the accrual accounting concept because flows are Recording of Rental Payment Deferrals but Payment is Still Expected. Receipt of cash for rent. terms due on receipt 4. Whenever you accrue a rent expense you 39 ll credit the cash account and debit the rent nbsp If you have payroll taxes due at the end of an accounting period that will be paid next period Your tax payment may not be due for several months but in reality you incur You need to accrue six months of property taxes 2 600 as of December 31 2013. k. Adjusting entries are needed because transactions made at different times. We need to account for 2 days December 30 and 31. e Fees earned and billed to customers. To record receipt of an accrued revenue. It is preferable that items less than 1000 also be accrued but it is not mandatory. The following entries would record the loan the accrual of interest on December 31 and its payment on March 1 of the next year Apr 01 2014 5 On November 1 the company rented space to another tenant for 2 809 per month. Touring company signed a note agreeing to pay Jones company 500 000 for the equipment on December 31 2010. Mar 03 2018 3. On December 31 2016 the expired portion of prepaid insurance 1 800 3 12 450 will be converted into expense by making the following 15. The matching principle dictates that all revenue and expenses need to be matched according to the year they were earned and incurred. at the end of February and March . 31 Dec 13 Insurance expense 11 440 Prepaid insurance 11 440 To record annual insurance coverage cost Policy A 14400 24 12 policy 12960 36 9 policy 2400 12 5 11 440 c. Assume they have a five day work week and has an unadjusted balance in Salaries Expense of 620 000. Prepaid Rent The payroll for the week ended January 1 2005 included regular weekly salaries of 80000 and vacation pay of 25000 for the vacation time earned in 2004 but not taken by December 31 2004. Accounts Receivable 27 Accounts Payable 15 Building 359 Cash 55 Common Stock 155 Dividends 4 Insurance Expense 1 Retained Earnings 133 Salary Expense 52 Salary Payable 3 Service Revenue 193 The correct credit column total for a trial balance is A. 01. Cash nbsp The payment was recorded with a credit to the Unearned Rent account. Determine if you plan to record the vacation accrual each pay period monthly quarterly or annually. To record an accrued revenue. Aug. Have the Court put its seal on it . Paid. g. For property managers RentPayment streamlines your payment process. Adjustment d 31 Depreciation ExpenseBuilding 5400 Accumulated from ACC 151 at Syracuse University Record a loss on the insurance settlement. In accordance with accrual accounting and the matching principle the date used to record the hourly payroll is the last day of the work period. f Receipt of cash from customers previously billed on account. . Assuming you have not prepaid any rent for the next X amount of months and are just paying as you go it would be a debit to Rent Expense and a credit to Cash. Depreciation for the equipment is 900. Receipt of cash from sale of office equipment. The entire payment of the principal due is charged to the current lease purchase agreements payable. recognize the expenses that apply to the current accounting period. Keep a record of the salary payments. They pay you in January after you confirm you ll be attending. Adjustment to record depreciation at the end of the month. 24 dec Cash a c dr. The payment was recorded with a credit to the Unearned Rent account. Each receipt should include the amount paid date type of payment and reference number of check or money order and balance due. The interest and principal will be collected on the maturity date. Let s say a company pays 8 000 in advance for four months of rent. This is the salaries that have accrued over the three days which can be found through some math 58 5 3. Aurora prepaid two months of rent on December 1. The unearned rent account balance at May 31 is 9 000 representing the receipt of an advance payment on May 1 of three months rent from tenants. The purchaser made a 6 000 down payment and signed a 1 year 10 note for the balance. DOC format. The company debited Prepaid Rent and credited Cash for 24 000. d Payment to a creditor on account. 5. Jun 12 2020 Include advance rent in your rental income in the year you receive it regardless of the period covered or the method of accounting you use. The utility expenses for April will correctly include the 20 days of expenses paid March April less the reversal of the 11 days accrued at March 31 plus the accrual of expenses for the 10 days from April 21 to April 30 the accrual entry to be posted at April 30 . You accrue a prepaid expense when you pay for something that you will receive in Let 39 s say you prepay six month 39 s worth of rent which adds up to 6 000. pays 5 000 for Insurance for 24 months on UNEARNED REVENUES Cash receipt BEFORE revenue is recorded. for 350. Example. As a result of these two oversights the financial statements for the reporting period will 0 Understate net income by 2 000. 16. Sep 22 2020 Any hours worked in the current month that will not be paid until the following month must be accrued as an expense. Received cash from clients as an advance payment for services to be provided and recorded it as unearned fees 9 400. 31 Dec 13 Salaries expense 3 920 Salaries payable 3 920 To record accrued but Salaries Payable represents net income pay or the take home pay for Billie. You ll credit it to your Mar 04 2020 a. Example You sign a 10 year lease to rent your property. 31 e Dec 17 2018 That is done using various product service items on customer transactions such as Retainer Liability item used on a Sales receipt for the client name and deposited to the Trust Bank. Company A has a rent obligation of 10 000 month that is paid on every 10th the company has paid for 11 months and one month is unpaid until the end of the period. Nov 15 2018 You must record vacation accrual as a journal entry for your business. Accrued salaries due Salary and wages owed but not yet paid to employees. Adjustment to prepaid rent at the end of the month. The adjusting entry on December 31 of the current year for Plum would include Music will pay one fourth of the rent. 611. debit to Cash and a credit to Accounts Receivable. Each month 39 s rent is to be paid on the first day of the month. VAT invoice issued 15 days or more after the date of supply Date the supply took Jul 08 2015 The adjusting entry to record salaries accrued during the month of December is a debit to Salaries Expense and a credit to Salaries Payable of 1 200 found by taking the monthly salary of 2 400 2 pay periods . Record tin following transactions on Page 2 of the Journal 17. To record this period 39 s use of a prepaid expense. The expense is spread over more than one Financial year. 0 Understate assets by 3 200. Received cash for meals served to customers S2 600. Payment of six months 39 rent in advance. Apr 25 2011 The journal entry to record a payment made in January for rent for the months of February and March would include a debit to __ and a credit to __. The adjusting entry at the end of March to reflect the rent expense of 1 000 for that month. The December 31 2001 adjusting entry includes a credit to a. Performed another hauling job. 1 Commonly Used Payment Terms. Recorded cash from cash clients for fees earned during the period April 1 16 6 600. Cash 6 400 gt Rent Earned 3 200 gt Rent Receivable Nov 14 2019 Monthly salaries 55 000 Unpaid days 2 Accrued salaries Monthly salaries x 12 x Unpaid days 365 Accrued salaries 55 000 x 12 x 2 365 3 616 Accrued Salaries Journal Entry. Prepare an adjusted trial balance. b. Avery used 650 of office supplies. For example assume the company s accounting year ends on December 31. The lender must defer all payments of principal interest and fees for at least 6 months up to one year. At the end of the month the business needs to record the unpaid salaries for that period with the accrued salary expense journal entry is as follows The agreement states that VIRON will pay monthly rentals of 1 500. Sometimes the insurance company will pay you less than the amount you paid. The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award can only be used to repay the qualified student loans listed below Loans backed by the federal government under Title IV of the Higher Education Act except PLUS Loans to parents of students Examples include Stafford Loans Perkins Loans Wm. 0 Overstate liabilities by 2 000. 2 . Prepaid Rent is an asset on the balance sheet. 6 Record payment of accrued and current salaries. First record the income on the books for January as deferred revenue. Receipt of cash refund from overpayment of taxes. 31 d Dec. The receipt of 1 000 is an advance payment for rent. 10 000 x 12 months Rs. For example a company may pay monthly rent on the first day of each month. On December 31 of the same year the rent for the month has not yet been paid and no record for rent expense was made. To record the first periodic payment of a lease purchase liability. Again this transaction gets recorded when you write the check to pay for the asset. 23 Issued receipt to Goofy for extra capital contributed R220 000. June 16 Received 39 400 in cash for services rendered to customers Adjusting entry on January 31 to convert a portion of prepaid rent an asset to rent expense 9 000 3. Paid electricity expenses S400. Which events during an accounting period trigger the recording of normal journal Why not treat every cash disbursement as an expense and every cash receipt as a Is there a conceptual difference between interest payable and accrued Rent account is for a 12 month period that started October 1 of the current year. Mar 25 2014 Combining these two pieces of information the previous preparer permitted a tax deduction for the amounts paid within 8 months of year end and disallowed any remaining balance of the accrual. In this case a company may provide services or deliver goods but does so on credit. Paid rent of 110 000 on the sales facilities during the first 11 months of the year. Agreed to do a hauling job for a price of 1 200. A review of insurance policies and payments shows 1 040 of insurance has expired by year end. Performed the hauling job discussed in C. By March 31 20X1 half of the rental period has lapsed and financial statements are to be prepared. Depreciation of office equipment is 3 200. C. Payment of six months rent in advance. 1 reduced by USD 1 200 for two months and the revised lease term expires nbsp In today 39 s automated business environment companies may pay rent using an automatic Accountants often record automatic debit payments at month end. Purchase of an office computer on account. Company X Ltd. As the 9 000 advance payment of rent is for a full quarter i. Following are the characteristics of receipt and payment account It is a summary of the cash book. 800 for the rent of the office. 1. Interest Rate on Loan 1 500 2 12 100 000 9 . A dividend payment to stockholders is usually a cash payment which reduces the corporation 39 s asset cash and the corporation 39 s stockholders 39 equity. D. Investment of additional cash in the business by the owner. Of this amount 150 represented interest on the note. Concepts occur only in accrual accounting. 27 Issued a cheque to Apex Garage for petrol R1 400. 12 31 falls on Wednesday and the Senior Center will pay its employees the following Monday 1 5 for the previous week. 36 000 Rs. 2. 4. H. 304 C. Payroll Journal Entry. Depreciation of office equipment is 3 200. f. A debit increases this expense account on your income statement and applies the expense to the current period. All remuneration paid currently or accrued by the organization for employees working on the NSF supported project during the grant period is allowable to the extent that Prepaid rent for three months S 1 500. The unearned rent account balance at August 31 is 9. Now when the company reaches the end of their 5 day work week which lands on Tuesday of next week July 11 management records the payment of the salaries. Since salaries are not paid until the first of the following month this liability will remain during the month of August. 1 80 000 Siddhartha s case gives you an idea about how to calculate HRA that will be exempted from his tax. The cashbook shows that the rent for the 11 months was paid for. 1 31 Salaries Expense 1 400 Salaries Payable 1 400 2 9 Salaries Expense 5 600 Salaries Payable 1 400 Cash 7 000 Fifteen A company purchased a new truck at a cost of 42 000 on July 1 2004. To common stock. Served a banquet on account Made the adiusting entry for rent from May l . We will get paid later. Then record the accrued expense by debiting your expense account and crediting the relevant payable account. date with actual copies of the payroll checks or electronic payment receipts. 1 Sold land for 18 000. We record all the cash receipts during the whole year on its debit side. The paid salary pertains to the entire calendar month i. Thus there is no need to accrue rental income. Three months have elapsed between the payment date October 1 and the financial statement date December 31. The accrued wages account is a liability account and so appears in the balance sheet. To paid up capital e. Be able to produce salary records if requested. asked by Anonymous on September 23 2012 accounting. purchase. Departments should consult with their financial office if there is a funding issue. Now if you paid say 3 months rent in advance then things would be handled differently. Purchase of services on account. Entry Adjusted Balance Debit Credit Debit Credit Accounts Receivable 12 350 Journal Entry Question Rent in Advance. For BMX its FUTA taxes are 0. 31 Supplies Expense b Dec. general. 6 400 800 Prepare the employer 39 s September 30 journal entry to record salary expense and its related payroll Mar 03 2018 3. Receipt of cash on account from a customer. Apr 11 2010 The receipt of cash alone does not signify that income was earned and can be recognized as such. Sept 1. Current maturities of long term debt This is the part of a long term debt that is due in the upcoming 12 months. Current Assets are those assets that can be expected to turn into cash within a business on the last day of the month quarter or year. will pay its employee on Friday for the full week. To record payment of a prepaid Aug 18 2020 If there is a balance due the amount still due and the date or upon delivery completion should be noted next to it. 9 Apr 2020 The payroll costs rent utilities and mortgage interest funded with the PPP loan You just look at the wages amounts shown in your payroll records and tax filings. revenues and expenses are recorded in these accounts and at the end of the period we can is to permit the normal 4 000 per month rental expense accrual whereas without the entry to a nominal account that is followed by a cash payment or receipt at the a. quot Salaries outstanding quot or quot salaries owing quot or quot salaries payable quot is known as an accrued expense and falls under the category of current liabilities in our records meaning a short term debt . The 2013 income statement should report rent revenue earned of 20 000 30 000 x 4 6 . Y to take the property on rent for one year. For example a company might make a sale on credit with only a promise to pay at an agreed upon time. payment receipts or other documentation prior to recording journal entries. g. Unearned rent Dr. In this scenario if a company offers net 30 payment terms to all of its clients a client can Q1 The entity paid 12 000 for monthly rent. Cancelled checks and money order receipts may be used by the tenant as a form of receipt of payment as well. As of December 31 Aurora has completed 1 800 of the services. Ross had an accrued liability of 20000 for vacation pay as on December 31 2003. Accrued revenues are either income or assets including non cash assets that are yet to be received. Paying a little more toward your loan may reduce your total loan cost. To record this period s use of a prepaid expense. Accrual and Prepayments gt Debit Rent Expense Income Statement 10 000 expense related to current month plus expense related to following months then nbsp 25 Jul 2020 The previous months as what is stated on the invoice or the month its received in Do not ever go back to record something in the prior period. f. The accrual is necessary because the company has incurred the expense since the employee has performed the work. are earned during the current accounting year but have not 1 500 Ankit needs to record an adjustment entry to give effect to the accrued commission nbsp Definition When transactions are recorded in the books of accounts as they occur Usually the credit period is short ranging from few days to months or in some but the company extends a time period to the customers to pay the amount after Account Receivables AR are treated as current assets on the balance sheet. 22. Jul 17 2019 c. You can use a blank payment term code for the most commonly used payment term but you should also set up that payment term with a code to use as an override especially if you use a nonblank default payment term on the customer or supplier record. The bookkeeper forgot to record check 1578 for 843 which was cashed by the bank on Accrued expenses Various cash payments Accrued expenses 51 000 2 200 1 200 1 200 Cr 49 800 Dr 52 000 Dr. The retainer or liability item is used again on the Trust Bank Check then processed as a payment against the law firm invoice for advanced costs and fee income. c. Journalize the adjusting entries required at May 31 2014. Gross pay is the total amount owed to the employees. Proving services for cash. 9 Sep 2019 To record receipt of an advance payment a company would debit a cash account and credit an unearned revenue account. c Rent expired during the year 11 000 d Wages accrued but not paid at August 31 2 500 e Unearned fees at August 31 1 500 f Unbilled fees at August 31 5 260 g Supplies on hand on August 31 800 Selected Account Balances Current Balance Adjust. An accrued expense journal entry is a year end adjustment to record expenses that were incurred in the current year but weren t actually paid until the next year. Aurora will not pay 21 Cashed a cheque to pay wages R3 200. a. Dec. you receive 50 of your monthly salary in arrears and 50 in advance. If you prefer you could simply write a receipt specify payment partial full for invoice number with the balance due if any noted on it . 31 Dec 13 Office Supplies Expense 14 846 Office supplies 14 846 To record cost of supplies used 4000 13 400 2 554 b. You 39 ll need to record them on your balance sheet as a liability and on your income statement as an expense. Deferred payment occurs when the seller delivers goods and services but then time passes before the customer pays for them. not on receipt basis and the expenses be considered on incurred basis does not include the salaries for the month of March 2014. On January 1 2008 Touring company agreed to buy some equipment from Jones Company. Earned 750 was paid cash. Assuming the use of a two column all purpose general journal a revenue journal and a cash receipts journal indicate the journal in which each of the transactions should be recorded Adjustment to record accrued salaries at the end of the year. save and print check. Many companies have applied these provisions by treating forfeiture provisions that might cause an employee to forfeit the bonus as a condition subsequent that would not prevent the bonus from accruing at year end. Theadjusting entry on December 31 is a debit to Rent Expense 9 000 and a credit to Prepaid Rent 9 000. Jun 11 2018 That 39 s why it 39 s a principle of accounting that you have to record any expense including wages in the period when it 39 s accrued. When preparing financial statements at the end of an accounting period you must record unpaid salaries and wages as adjusting entries in the books. Cash Asset 1 000 Accounting for an interest bearing note is simple. This is income that is not yet due but cash has been received How do you record a dividend payment to stockholders Definition of Dividend Payment to Stockholders. by Judy Jenkins Q LaBouche Corporation owns a warehouse. First entry for example salaries debit and credit accrued Salaries or Salaries Payable date nbsp In contrast when using accrual accounting the receipt or payment of cash is irrel evant to asset and revenue we record it under the accrual basis of accounting. However if you don 39 t know the exact cost you can use an estimate to record the transaction. 1 Customer rent apartment and paid cash 12000 for 12 months 1000 per month Record receipt of cash and adjusting entry on Dec. Ans1. The current portion of long term debt due for payment within the year. Customer deposits or unearned revenue These are payments given by customers as an advance for future work that is expected to be completed by the end of the next 12 months. g Payment of cash dividends to stockholders. Supplies still on hand at the end of month 100. 28 Cashed a cheque to pay wages R3 600. 31 c Dec. Journalize the adjusting entry required on January 31st the end of the first month of the current year to record the accrued vac For specific payment dates see the payroll schedule. The portion of the PVFB that only recognizes benefits accrued to date i. Rent Expense of 1 200 . Apr 09 2015 Rent. etc. In addition PS Music agreed to pay a portion. June 9 Equipment costing 100 000 was purchased using 40 000 cash. Control and issue installment payments using the A OTP process and send manual notices in any case where the system does not release the payment unless the recipient resides in a correctional facility per SI 00529. Make sure your customer records are matched squarely with The journal entry to record the hourly payroll 39 s wages and withholdings for the work period of December 18 24 is illustrated in Hourly Payroll Entry 1. Accrued salaries. If a company has earned income which has not been received in cash at the end of the accounting period an adjustment should be made Charge sales and payments on account are entered in these two columns respectively. Transaction 15 On December 31 the company paid salaries to its employees 3 500. Purchased gasoline on credit 50. Note This is a simplified entry to present the payment of salaries. Illustration of Prepaid Rent. Even if you re not currently making loan payments interest continues to accrue grow . In this case VIRON Company already incurred consumed used the expense. P 1 An amount of 50 000 was paid for six months of rent. Once a portion of the nbsp The duration of the rental agreement shall be for 12 months and shall not be any combination thereof not to exceed a total amount equal to two months of rent and The information is a summary of the tenant 39 s rent payment record including The current owner of rental property shall transfer any security deposits and nbsp 31 Jul 2018 transaction affects at least two items in the accounting equation Paid for this month 39 s advertising in a newspaper Cash Expense To record receipt of payments and billing of customers for To record the payment of salaries. Salaries Payable is 1 370 which is found by taking gross income and subtracting the sum of the liabilities 2 000 630 1 370 . On July 1 2013 Lamis Company paid 1 200 for six months of insurance coverage. However if the funds are used for the proper purposes and in the proper timeframe the loans including accrued interest are subject to forgiveness in part or in whole. Depreciation for the equipment is 700. Example of Accrued Rent. Other accrued expenses due for payment within the year. Annual rent expense 36 000 4. PPP loans come with a very low interest rate of 1 and a two year maturity. 8 and SUTA taxes are 2. Since this receipt of cash has not been fully earned the unearned revenue is recorded as a liability. Jan 21 2016 Cash accounting and accrual accounting are the two main ways you can approach your financials. 2 200. Ex 3 3 adjusting entry for accrued fees Keep a receipt book available with the rent roll so you can write the tenant a receipt if they would like one. Wages accrued but not paid at July 31 are 1 850. Sue Snow Capital Cash Rent Expense Cash Prepaid Rent Cash Sue Snow Drawing Rent Expense 10. It would be nice if all the accounts receivable generated in a month were also collected Recording expenses transactions involving payments and expenses incurred to by the end of the accounting period then the receipt is recorded as revenue. Needham Company issued a 10 000 90 day 9 note on December 1. The next payday occurred on January 15 20X4 when 5 000 was paid to employees. In these special cases we can record the cash paid with a debit to the expense account instead of an asset account. c Purchase of supplies on account. The company also failed to record accrued salaries expense of 52 000. Free to download and print. Prepare a journal entry to record this transaction. Companies utilize this way of recording insurance premiums to keep track of how much premium has been The conference showrunners will pay you 2 000 to deliver a talk on the changing face of the tote bag industry. When you record accrued interest as a borrower at the end of the period you must adjust two separate accounts. Recording Depreciation Expense and Adjusting for Bad Debts. Interest Payable Cr. without future pay increases is called the present value of accumulated benefits PVAB . 600. Apr 20 2018 To record accruals the transaction must be complete at the time it is recorded. three months the adjusting entry made on January 31 will also be made at the end of the next two months i. Constructive receipt applies to all forms of payment including property and stocks. Agreed to pay 100. Total Interest Payment on Feb 1 20X3 a 9 3 12 100 000 2 250. The accrual basis of accounting recognizes revenue when the performance Salaries and Wages Expense they will debit notes payable and interest expense A journal entry to record a receipt of rent in advance will include a and current expenses would be understated as a result of failure to record which of the nbsp Chapter 12 Current Liabilities and Employer Obligations middot Chapter 13 Assume a two month lease is entered and rent paid in advance on March 1 As a result the adjusting entry to record the accrued payroll would appear as At right is the income statement approach wherein the initial receipt is recorded entirely to a nbsp 29 Jun 2020 If rent is paid on time then there is never any accrued rent. You can spend PPP funds received on non allowed expenses but know those expenses won t be forgiven you will have to repay them along with loan interest. Avery received a bill for December 39 s online advertising 1 100. One of the biggest distinctions between the two is at what time you recognize revenue. Accrued salaries and wages A company pays 36 000 for twelve month 39 s rent on October 1 recording the prepayment as an asset. PREPAYMENTS. Report the salaries you pay to your children and spouse or common law partner on T4 slips the same as you would for other Actual rent that is paid less 100 of the basic salary Rs. Closing of drawing account at the end of the year. Receipt of cash for rent. 03 01 03 01 ACCREDITING Insurance account. The difference between the gross pay and the net pay is the taxes that were withheld from the employee s pay. Journal Entry 1. Mar 16 2016 e. 9 of the first 7 000 paid to its employee. To Nov. As per the matching concept XYZ Ltd will record the interest expense of 10 000 1 1 000 000 in the financial statements of the financial year ending on 31 st March 2018 even though the interest was paid in the next accounting period because it is related to the period ending on 31 st March 2018. Ex Prepaid Insurance Jones Co. 4 At the end of the fiscal year an adjusting entry was made for accrued salaries of 1 500. Rental account period 12 months Annual rent 12 000 Period of accounts 1 month Accrued expense 12 000 x 1 12 1 000 The accrued expenses journal entry is as follows Oct 14 2014 In April 2014 30 000 was paid on account of six months of rent on Outlet B and it was expensed out. In actual practice different payroll accounting methods are applied. This amount is an expense of the prior year and not of the current year and thus should be subtracted in determining salaries and wages expense. 2 a Any lessor or his agent who receives at or prior to the commencement of a tenancy rent in advance for the last month of the tenancy from a tenant or prospective tenant shall give to such tenant or prospective tenant at the time of such advance payment a receipt indicating the amount of such rent the date on which it was received its As of December 31 Avery has completed 1 500 of the services. Wages accrued but not paid at August 31 are 1. Any payments made after this 2 month period are deductible by an accrual basis corporation in the tax year in which the payments are included in income Jul 18 2018 Step 3 Receive and record payment When you receive the payment record it as quot paid quot and enter it into your accounts receivables ledger. month you have a situation where one weekly pay period overlaps two then having to record the actual receipt of such income and the actual cash the following tax year and accelerate reporting expenses to the current year. For example suppose your company borrowed 100 000 on Oct. Gross Pay through August Gross Pay for September a. Examples of current liabilities include accounts payable short term loans accrued expenses taxes payable unearned revenues and current portions of long term debt. Similarly the principle applicable with respect to interest paid in advance is equally applicable with respect to advance payments of rent. record receipt with a credit to the rent revenue account See full list on myaccountingcourse. Jul 02 2020 Visit Orlando which gets most of its money from county hotel taxes had at least 18 employees who earned more than 150 000 in 2018 the most recent year for which its tax records are available. Nine months of rent remain and three months of rent have been used. December 31 Interest Receivable 10 000 Interest Revenue 10 000 To record accrued interest revenue on loan Accrued expenses result from the same causes as accrued revenues. Solution. WTI s accruals are applied to the nearest half month for example October recognizes one half month accrual. A cost that is an expense is the use of assets depreciation or the payment for an expense that is incurred in the current period utilities salaries etc. However only three months of the relevant rent payment belong to financial year 2014. Examples of costs that are assets 1. Paid receptionist for two weeks salary 1 500. Employer benefits Additionally the employer has an expense for the company portion of healthcare 401 k match and any other benefit programs the company provides. To record this period 39 s earning of prior unearned revenue. The remaining amount of 60 000 is a one year note with an interest rate of 3. The lease started on December 1 2019. To record receipt of unearned revenue. Paid two months rent in advance 800. Adjustment to record accrued salaries at the end of the year. Oct 13 2020 Under IRC Section 267 a 2 a taxpayer including an S corporation may only deduct an expense in the same tax year that the payment is reported as income by a related party. Depreciation expense equipment 50 furniture 60. Prepaid Income. 501 D. Avery prepaid two months of rent on December 1. The following entries would be needed to record the transaction on March 1 and adjust rent expense and prepaid rent on To record the payment of rent 2 Prepaid insurance 16 4 500 Cash 11 4 500 To record the payment of insurance premium 4 Cash 11 8 000 Unearned rent 23 8 000 To record the cash received for the service yet to be provide 5 Office equipment 18 5 100 The Salary amount above mentioned is salaries for all employees before passing the entry we should prepare a sheet of salaries payable to all employees and the same will be used as support document for passing this entry. Jun 29 2020 This means that the receipt of cash from renters generally coincides with the period in which it is also recognized as revenue. Rent The tenant agreed to pay monthly rental fees of 2 000 covering a period from the 1st to the 30th or 31st of every month. 4000 To record One third of the unearned rent was earned during the quarter 3. e. For example if the current pay period is split in half you d record half of the payroll this period and half next time. There also must be a binding agreement that provides a surety indicating the commitment of both parties when it comes to payment. debit Rent Revenue and credit Unearned Rent 1 800. o If Happy Feet remits payment to the supplier on March 5 they will record o Accounts Payable is an example of a general category of liabilities known as accrued liabilities. The two sides should. The accrued expense is calculated as follows. h Payment for a 3 year insurance policy. Notes payable short term. Questions for Your Attorney c. May 10 2020 Usually to rent a space a company will need to pay rent at the beginning of the month. In this example Hamford s next entry for the lease would occur at the beginning of 2016 when the next payment is made. Payment of six months rent in advance cash. The cash basis of accounting reports revenues when cash is received while the accrual basis reports revenues when they are earned. Fees accrued but unbilled at July 31 are 11 700. So that you can better understand this class of current liabilities here s a typical payroll and payroll tax accrual question. They are paid each Monday for their work in the five day workweek ending on the previous Friday. Accrued Revenues. Culpepper make on July 31 to correctly record accrued salaries expense for July these two oversights the financial statements for the reporting period will recorded prepayments of expenses in asset accounts and cash receipts of. The PPP loan must be repaid within two years the interest rate is a low 1 percent. However in the P amp L a c we should report rent for the full year of 24 000 and the 2 000 rent for Dec being the accrued expense will be shown in the balance sheet as a current liability. The IRS says constructive receipt occurs once a payment recipient has full control of the funds without any restrictions on how those funds are used. Sep 30 2019 I Blue Sky uses asset method to record the advance payment for its insurance premium it will record the whole amount of 1 800 as an asset by making the following journal entry on October 1 2016. Rent Revenue Cr. QS 3 6. Prepaid deferred expenses adjustments P1 May 22 2019 Rent is payable after every 2 months. No interest is accrued because the payment is made at the beginning of the first month of the lease. Journalize the entry to record the original receipt of Depreciation for the current year includes Equipment . accrued. 18 Feb 2020 Learn how to record prepaid expenses in your accounting books. An adjusting entry was made to record 2 000 of accrued salaries at the end of 20X3. Aurora received a bill for December 39 s online advertising 1 000. or quot This is simply a summary of the cash transactions as in the cash book analyzed and classified under suitable headings including the opening and closing balances quot . The estimated amount of the current years vacation pay is 54 960. Pass the journal entries recording the actual payment of interest and receipt of rent first without reversing entries and then with reversing entries. B. You can also deduct the salary you pay to your spouse or common law partner. . Accounts payable Bills the firm must pay shortly usually within 30 days but never more than a year. 7 Record the receipt of two months nbsp Record payment of accrued and current salaries media 2Fda2 2Fda256934 3e9e 4892 8f9d c7. Paid cash for kitchen equipment S2 400. PROBLEM 3 2A Transaction General Journal a Dec. When you record the purchase QuickBooks debits the asset account for 1 000 and credits cash for 1 000. CR. 18. The tenant paid the monthly rent on October 1 and November 1 but asked the landlord if the December rent could be paid on February 1 when the tenant will be Feb 07 2019 The use of accrued interest is based on the accrual method of accounting which counts economic activity when it occurs regardless of the receipt of payment. For example we purchase a computer on account for 1500 on March 5 at the time of the transaction we record the entry Other current debts interest payable or rent payable for example are sometimes combined under the general title of accrued liabilities Liabilities that grow gradually because of the passage of time common examples include salaries and interest. 1 3 of the service revenue collected in advance on December 21 has now been earned. ANSWER C Section 4. Sep 26 2017 The period end procedure recognizing accrued interest is to debit the interest expense account and credit the interest payable account which is a liability account. Purchased supplies from City Office Supply Co. We need to do an adjusting entry to record the salary earned by employees from December 28 December 31 of this year. The company has 15 employees who earn a total of 2. Feb 22 2013 b. On November 1 it rented storage space to a lessee tenant for 3 months for a total cash payment of 600 received in advance. When your business records a loan payment you debit the loan account to remove the liability from your books and credit the cash account for the payments. 45 of gross pay. Evaluate your vacation accrual methods at least once per year to ensure accuracy and account for any changes in pay rates or unused vacation time. Jun 04 2020 First you ll need to prorate the portion of the total expense that falls into the current accounting period. Depreciation of office equipment is 1. You can verify Landlords should ask prospective tenants for proof of income to show they can afford to pay rent and to determine if they amp 8217 re committing fraud with forged documents. Interest payments on the loans may be deferred for six months and possibly longer. Once the Abstract is issued take it to the County Recorder s Office to file. Sep 19 2018 Debit Prepaid Rent and credit Cash in the period which you prepay the rent. 1 November 1 20 1 to record the payment of prepaid insurance expense In spite of our previous reminders we have not yet received payment against invoice number ABC1234 which is overdue for the last two and half months. DATE PARTICULARS DR. The bank collected an EFT payment on a note receivable for 2 750. 500 to record interest accrued on the notes payable 4. Use Accounts Payable. . For a five day workweek 900 5 days daily salaries are 180. Ford Federal Direct Loans Federal Consolidated Loans Supplement Loans to Students amp Guaranteed Student Loans. Printable Receipts in . Step 1 The current account balance equals the 12 000 paid on October 1. However if a renter does not pay in the rent period the landlord should accrue the rent in that accounting period with a debit to an accrued The tenant agreed to pay monthly rental fees of 2 000 covering a period from the 1st to the 30th or 31st of every month. A taxpayer can rent commercial real estate to a corporation wholly owned by the taxpayer. Accrued Rent Income Asset 1 000 To record receipt of cash. They also amortize away the initial direct costs over the life of the lease. Each day the credit sales recorded in the sales and cash receipts journal are posted to the appropriate customer 39 s accounts in the accounts receivable ledger. next 10 years Cash unearned revenue 12 000 1000 x 2 months 2000 earned Unearned revenue rent revenue 2000 120000 2000 10000 May 07 2017 The accrued salaries entry is a debit to the compensation or salaries expense account and a credit to the accrued wages or salaries account. Expense must be recorded in the accounting period in which it is incurred. Notice the Wage Expense is debited for the gross pay. Third record a loss for the net liability less any remaining deferred rent written off. com Journal Entry Question Rent in Advance. You ll speak at the conference in March. Aug 03 2020 Constructive receipt is an accounting concept that determines which tax period income or expenses will fall into. Adjustment b 31 Insurance Expense 12312 Prepaid Insurance 12312 To record from ACCT 1101 at The University of Hong Kong The unearned rent account balance on July 31 is 9 200 representing the receipt of an advance payment on July 1 of four months rent from tenants. P 1 Pay slips must contain details of the payments deductions and superannuation contributions for each pay period. Both you and your FDW must sign each salary payment record to confirm that payment was made. BTW also note that two months is more than eight weeks. 3 81 Bad Debts. In the first year you receive 5 000 for the first year 39 s rent and 5 000 as rent for the last year of the lease. G. 51 000 c. Accrued salary expense S 1 400. Record the adjusting entries on Page 3 of the journal. 31. The truck is estimated to have a useful life of 6 years and a salvage value of 3 000. This payment creates a prepaid expense on the first day of the month that fully expires by the end of the month. 00 and for FY 2017 18 1 Month 5000 12 10 417. WARD. On September 1 of the current year the company prepaid 24 000 for 2 years of rent for facilities being occupied that day. Jan 13 2016 Under the current rules lessees continue to record a rent or lease expense each year equal to the cash paid ASC 840 20 25 1 . Debt is used to record borrowed funds e. As the delay in payment is a breach of terms in our agreement we are left with no choice but to debit your account with late payment default charges of 1000 and the interest of 10 000. Example adjusting entry. a debit to salary expense and a credit to accounts payable . F. The current two week pay period ends on December 26 2021 and employees are paid 10 500. 365 B. Dec 06 2019 On the 1 April it pays the next quarters rent in advance of 3 000 to cover the months of April May and June. Any rent accrued after the date of death and before the subsequent valuation date is excluded property . Receipt and Payment Account Definition and Explanation quot A receipt and payment account is a summarized cash book cash and bank for a given period quot . 7. Departments should not delay processing these expenses because of lack of funding. On December 31 the money on deposit has earned one month 39 s interest of 600 although on that date it must make an adjusting entry to record any salaries incurred but not yet paid. If the amount is payable within one year then this line item is classified as a current liability on the balance Jun 21 2020 Accrued revenue normally arises when a company offers net payment terms to its clients or consumers. By contrast the prepayment occurs when a buyer pays first and then a significant time passes before the seller delivers delivery of goods and services. 14 Paid receptionist for two weeks salary. Instructions. debit to Cash and a credit to Accounts Payable. They are commonly known as receivables and payables. The salary in above Journal entry includes Basic All other Allowances. Incorrect. 3 Noninterest bearing obligations. Purchased 150 000 of store equipment paying 50 000 in cash and agreeing to pay the difference within 90 days. Purchase of an office computer on Jun 19 2009 to record depreciation for 3 months on equiqment 2. representing the receipt of an advance payment on August 1 of three months rent from tenants. You record the total uninvoiced receipt liabilities accrued during the accounting period. E. This type of adjusting entry will ADD to two accounts. This method follows the matching Payment must be made within 2 months of year end. When you pay your spouse or common law partner a salary use the same rules that apply to paying your child. Karl Company a Sole Proprietorship signed a two year rental agreement on October 1 2001 for 9 600. Assume that December 31 2015 is a Tuesday and all 15 employees worked the first two days of that week. The receipt of the payment from the customer is recorded as a . As an employer you are obligated to deduct from the gross pay and pay on the employee 39 s behalf such items as taxes health insurance premiums and union dues. It signed an agreement with Mr. 1 200 d. Purchased additional office equipment on account from Smith Office Supply Co. Record the adjusting entry for accrued salaries on 12 31. Whereas we write all the cash payments for the whole year on its credit side. If you re purchasing a 1 000 piece of equipment the journal entry looks and works in roughly the same way. Actual journal entries are created for the amount of the receipt liabilities debiting the charge account and crediting the PO distribution accrual account normally the Expense A P Accrual Account defined in the Define Purchasing Options form . Oct. An example of accrued revenue is electricity consumption. Cash accounting offers the easiest way you simply recognize the revenue at the time you receive the payment which can work for certain businesses . started a business and for that it requires the property on rent. View Homework Help PROBLEM 3 2A from ACCT 2113 at Oklahoma City Community College. 375 representing the receipt of an advance payment on August 1 of three months rent from tenants. Accrued 1 3 of the secretary s monthly salary. debit to Cash and a credit to Revenue. For this transaction we will record increase the expense account by debiting it and decrease cash by crediting it. A customer purchased 1 500 of services on credit two months ago and has just paid the bill. See how accrued interest could affect your loan balance. This reflects current service and current salary. It has a prepaid rent of 3 000. of the salary of the receptionist and to pay one fourth of the utilities. At the end of the first month the business needs to accrue the cost of the rent for the period. A company pays its employees 10 500 every two weeks 750 day . Here is the payroll journal entry to record the payment of the paycheck Payroll Journal Entry Example 1. Two deposits made on August 31 were not on the bank statement totaling 5300. Assume a two month lease is entered and rent paid in advance on March 1 20X1 for 3 000. 0 Recorded services provided on account for the period April 1 12 21 900. A landlord and tenant agree to a monthly rent of 1 000 for office space beginning on October 1. 84 000 50 percent of the basic salary since Siddhartha lived in a metro Rs. Click any receipt template to see a larger version and download it. However if a renter does not pay in the rent period the landlord should accrue accrue them at all and instead only record revenue upon the receipt nbsp Prepaid expense is expense paid in advance but which has not yet been incurred. 00 6. Each month that passes the company needs to record rent used for the month. Chapter 3 Adjusting Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements QUESTIONS 1. With the receipt option it is always a good idea to attach to the invoice. Birch Park Senior Center has a weekly payroll of 12 500. Rent for the first quarter of 2012 is due on 31st December 2011. Record the payment of accrued and current salaries. Must not keep FDW s money. 1 Rented a portion of the retail floor space to a florist for 300 per month collecting 8 months rent in advance. The tenant paid five months 39 rent in advance on that date. Journalized an entry to record the employees accrued vacation pay 36 100. 506 E. Providing services on account. because they grow gradually over time rather than through a specific transaction. In a rental property situation you earn the rental income on each date that the lease agreement requires the tenant to make payment. If accrued salaries were recorded on December 31 with a debit to Salaries Expense and a credit to Salaries Payable and no reversing entries were made on January 1 the entry to record payment of these wages on the following January 5 would include Insurance premium paid 5000 to New India Assurance Co Ltd on May 1st 2016 for 1 year. e. Record the receipt of two months rent. To record this period s earning of prior unearned revenue. The following information must be included on all pay slips issued to each employee as prescribed by the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009. 404 a 11 . Occupancy was provided for only 4 months in 2013. If you pay your employees every two weeks you may end up closing the books in the middle of a pay period meaning that for example employees aren t paid for the last week of March until the Jun 29 2020 This means that the receipt of cash from renters generally coincides with the period in which it is also recognized as revenue. To record payment of an accrued expense. To record this period 39 s earning of . Using the 611 Salaries Wages and Fringe Benefits . All Grantees. So after 3 months you will have 300 in earned revenue and 900 in deferred revenue. record the payment of accrued and current salaries record the receipt of two months rent